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Finally, Samantha bid goodbye to Oh Baby!

July 16, 2019

Two weeks before the release of the film, from meeting YouTube channels to TV channels, attending TV shows to live events, no big starlet would do it just like that in Tollywood, though Bollywood is following that from a very long time.

We have to say that Samantha has changed the notion of marketing a film once again as she did hefty promotions for her ‘Oh Baby’. Apart from doing such massive promotions in real life, she makes sure that all those acts get translated to her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Her social media pages are full of pictures, posters and everything.

It looks like finally, Samantha bid goodbye to Oh Baby as the film is doing quite well. It has been a week since she posted a film related update or a picture from the fashion book she makes with every costume she wears for the outings, on her Instagram page. Though she is retweeting and commenting on Twitter, she took a break from Insta, we have to say.

Well, after all, such tiring days of work for 20-30 days, surely she should cool her heels off.