Golmaal Comedy Serial – E49 – 24th May

Show/Serial:Golmaal Comedy Serial
Starring:Rocket Raghava
Channel:ETV Telugu

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Golmaal Comedy Serial

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Recent Random Post:

Can they do better than Maharshi next time?

May 21, 2019

Mahesh Babu has a habit of giving second film and possible third film to makers who deliver good hit with him the first time.He did the same with Gunasekhar, who gave him Okkadu and he did same with Puri Jagannath who gave him Pokiri, he did same with Koratala Siva, who gave him Srimanthudu and he gave Trivikram Srinivas too second film after Athadu.

Box Office wise, Gunasekhar disappointed Mahesh the most with Arjun and Sainikudu. Trivikram failed at theatrical level with Khaleja but the movie has a cult following on TV.Koratala Siva gave him two of his biggest blockbusters in Srimanthudu and Bharat Ane Nenu. Puri Jagannath gave Businessman which is his last pure mass film.

He did give Srinu Vaitla second film after Dookudu but the director started his descent from top with Aagadu. After Maharshi, he is looking to do another film with Vamshi Paidpally, it seems.He asked him to bring a script for him and even agreed to do it after two or three films, it seems.

He has Anil Ravipudi’s next, a film with Koratala Siva, a film with Trivikram Srinivas and a film with SS Rajamouli from long time as his desirable projects.All three or one of them could be Mahesh27 and Vamshi might have to wait another 2 or 3 years for his turn.

Trying to replicate Dookudu, Srinu Vaitla lost his touch, Gunasekhar tried hard to replicate Okkadu and Siva cleverly changed character while following Srimanthudu and Puri Jagannagth made Businessman half baked but screenplay does try to go in the same mould like Pokiri.

Only, Trivikram could try something entirely different with Khaleja. Vamshi made Maharshi which replicated many movies and if he gets another chance, we hope he follows Trivikram Srinivas and give a different film than that tries to be exactly like many others, that is, Maharshi!