Fida Daily Serial- E89- 7th Jun

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Fida New Daily Serial

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E89-Part1 : Part2: Part3-7th Jun

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Recent Random Post:

Prabhas: Took Only 20% Of My Remuneration For Saaho

August 17, 2019

Since the inception of Saaho, there has been a lot of speculation about Prabhas’ remuneration. After the phenomenal success of the Baahubali series and his newfound popularity across the world, naturally, Prabhas’ paycheck would get fatter.

But Prabhas’ revelation about his remuneration for Saaho will leave everyone shocked and touched at the same time. In an interview with Tamil film journalists on the sidelines of Saaho’s Chennai promotional event, Prabhas revealed that he took only twenty percent of his remuneration for Saaho.

“Saaho’s budget had shot up to Rs 350 crores, which is way higher than we had initially planned. The producers are my friends since a long time and I didn’t want to trouble them anymore. So I had only charged 20 percent of my pay to ensure Saaho’s shoot progressed smoothly,” Prabhas said.

The video clip of Prabhas’ revelation has been going viral on social media. Saaho is one Telugu film which the entire country is keenly waiting for after Baahubali. The film’s success will place Prabhas alongside the top Bollywood stars. For now, all eyes are on the D-Day August 30th.