Exclusive: NTR’s Fight With Real Tiger In ‘RRR’

Director Rajamouli is making sure that he will be making #RRR bigger than that of “Baahubali” when it comes to delivering the right entertainment for cinema lovers, thrill-seekers and fans alike. Here is a snippet of what is to come from the movie that has two happening stars Ram Charan and Jr NTR in the leads.

With Tarak’s role built on the lines of Komaram Bheem, who happens to be the son of the soil from a tribal region in Telangana, naturally, it tends to spend more time in the forest. Currently, the makers of #RRR are said to be canning a fight between a real tiger and NTR in Bulgaria schedule. Actually NTR will be fighting only with a dummy tiger which is nothing but men wearing masks of tiger and behaving like one.

While the tiger will be digitally created in Computer Graphics, Rajamouli is said to be working with highly talented visual effects professionals to make sure that realistic look will be attained at all costs. Back in Baahubali, we have Rana Daggubati fighting with a bull but the VFX seemed little artificial in certain aspects. Right now, fans want nothing but the man-animal fighting sequence we saw in films like 10000 BC and The 300 as well.

In case if this happens to be the introduction sequence of NTR in the film #RRR, surely it’s going to be a sensation of sorts on the screens.

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