Even Senior Actress Support SPB

SP Balasubramanyam, legendary singer of Indian Cinema, decided to vent out his anguish about certain things and he said that heroines are trying to attract producers by wearing revealing clothes.For this comment, Naga Babu reacted immediately and called him, indirectly, Orthodox Fool. He said that such people are as bad as terrorists.

Anasuya and Reshmi, the anchors of Jabardasth show, thanked Naga babu, for support and said that people shouldn’t see the dress but person behind those layers.Now, contrasting to them, Jayasudha commented, “In films, even I wore mini-skirts, skimpy clothes and Jayamalini did show a lot more but all that in films. Outside, we conducted ourselves better.

I wore sarees to events and Balu garu meant the same. He did not ask heroines to not wear what they like but asked them to keep the respect of the event. Few actresses trying to ape foreign culture so much that they say they are wearing designer clothes but don’t really cover themselves as they should!”

Well, the actresses are saying that elders should change with the time and trend!

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