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GA Exclusive: Our Film Got Delayed Due To External Forces!

November 29, 2019

Nikhil and Lavanya, the jodi of this Friday release Arjun Suravaram had an exclusive chitchat session for our visitors.

In this chat session Nikhil confessed that Arjun Suravaram wasn’t delayed because of financial issues. The film’s business was closed long back, but it was delayed because of some ‘external forces’.

Nikhil didn’t elaborate on it and even Lavanya was taken by surprise to know that there are external forces involved. She complimented Nikhil for going all out to promote the film despite multiple postponements.

Nikhil is immensely confident on the film’s success. Everybody who had seen the film were very satisfied with the experience, he told.

Nikhil hopes that Chiranjeevi’s words about the film would become true as the film awaits the people’s mandate that would be out in a few hours.

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