Eetaram Illalu Telugu Serial – E19 – 18th Mar

Show/Serial:Ee Tharam Illalu
Channel:MAA TV

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Ee Tharam Illalu

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E19 – Part1 : Part2 – 18th Mar

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Recent Random Post:

Prabhas Moves out of Saaho in May

March 16, 2019

Prabhas has been working for “Saaho” for the last two years but still the film’s work has not yet been completed.The film that is being made in four languages with whopping Rs 300 Cr budget requires lot of time for post-production, promotional activities and traveling to many cities.

Considering all these factors, he reportedly told director Sujith to finish the film in the first week of May itself. “Saaho” is scheduled for August 15th release.If the film is completed in May, they will have sufficient time for post-production and publicity. Hence, Prabhas has put final deadline to Sujith, his team and the producers.

Prabhas will have to move to his other film, a period love story being directed by Radhakrishna Kumar.
After working for a month or so for this love story, he will again focus on promotional events of “Saaho”.