Dil Raju Shocking Budget For Remake Movie !

Generally, our filmmakers tend to put less money on ‘remake’ projects. Because as they know about what to be shot, they don’t shoot any excess and won’t invest in any superior locations. Most of the times, remake projects cost less than the original for that reason.

However, like how Bollywood pours a lot of money into remakes, we hear that even Dil Raju is also giving a coat of sugar to his upcoming ’96’ remake. The film will be directed by original version’s director Prem Kumar with Sharwanand and Samantha as leads. We hear that Raju gave a superb budget for the movie to shoot it at extravagant locales.

As a wildlife photographer, Vijay Sethupathi is shown clicking photographs of animals across India, but now, Sharwa will be shown as someone who works around the world, clicking photographs in Kenyan wildlife sanctuaries and Australian terrains as well.

No matter how many costly locations will be used, the film will be wrapped in five months span and will be releasing on Dasara eve.

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