Chirala MLA Amanchi to quit TDP, Daggubati Plan Success ? | Election 2019

Watch Chirala MLA Amanchi to quit TDP, Daggubati Plan Success ? | Election 2019

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Talk Of The Town: Chiranjeevi And Pawan’s Reunion

August 22, 2019

After Pawan Kalyan forayed into politics through Janasena Party, there are a lot of differences between the mega brothers though Megastar Chiru stayed away from all kinds of politics later. Here and now, there used to be a buzz about Chiru upset with Pawan, and the latter trying to avoid his big brothers. It looks like things have changed now.

And during election time, all the mega heroes have met Pawan to extend their support to his political journey. As we can see, post the election, Pawan Kalyan went to meet Chiranjeevi along with Nadendla Manohar for reasons unknown. Then Pawan emerged at the dubbing theatre, giving his voice over for Sye Raa teaser. Later he joined Chiranjeevi’s birthday celebrations other day along with Allu Arvind and teased fans big time.

Back to Twitter, Pawan is not only tweeting birthday wishes to his brother but went on explaining his brother’s legacy to the world. After many months, Pawan has actually tweeted as well, and about Chiranjeevi only. Later he started putting tweets on meeting Amitabh Bachhan and the greatness of him too.

All in all, this mega reunion of Pawan with Chiranjeevi is actually giving all the good feelers to mega fans and they are upbeat about it.