Caste equations are changing in Andhra ?

In Andhra Pradesh, the Velamas have always been loyal followers of the Kamma community and by extension, the TDP.

For decades, their unstinted support has resulted in a number of favours being bestowed on them and they’ve rightfully earned the tag of being the right-hand people of the Kammas.

But the situation changed in Telangana when loyalist KCR was denied a cabinet berth by Chandrababu Naidu.

Believing himself to be far better endowed intellectually and in terms of communication skills, KCR set about trying to create a far more befitting position or himself and succeeded in heralding the separation of the State and becoming the Chief Minister.

Meanwhile in Andhra Pradesh, the Velamas stood by TDP as usual. However, for the first time, one of their own in Telangana actually managed to become the king instead of being a perennial No 2.

He is now a source of inspiration to many in the community in Andhra Pradesh and they publicly displayed their affection in the form of cutouts and placards hailing KCR when he visited Vizag recently although the rest of Andhra Pradesh was seething with rage.

The Velamas have always voted as a bloc. But the first rumblings of discontent are being heard from within the community where the admiration of a few for the Telanganite is spiraling into resentment against Chandrababu Naidu and threatens to disrupt the harmony of the community that has voted united till date.

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