Bol Baby Bol Rising Star Show – New Season – Manu, Sunitha, Koti, Renina – 8th Feb

Show/Serial:Bol Baby Bol Rising Star Show
Starring: Manu, Sunitha, Koti, Renina
Channel:Gemini TV

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Bol Baby Bol Rising Star Show

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Kanchana 3 Review: Two Ghosts This Time

April 20, 2019

Raghava Lawrence’s “Kanchana 3” is awaited with much interest as all its prequels were blockbusters.

Let’s find out how this film has fared up.

Raghava (Raghava Lawrence) who is scared of ghosts lands to his ancestral village and the house is possessed by a ghost named Kaali. Who is Kaali? What is his story? What is this ghost’s connection with Raghava forms the rest of the story.

Artistes’ Performances:
Raghava Lawrence has done it in his usual style. Kaali, the second role that he has played is exactly like his real life image –a guy who does charity.

Kovai Sarala provides some comedy. Sreeman and Divyadarshini are okay. Vedhika, Oviya and Niki have competed with each other in showing off their skin.

Technical Excellence:
The film has rich production values and rich camera work. Music is not up to the mark. Rest of the technical values are decent.

Some jokes
Bearable first half

Clichéd moments
Boring second half
No logic
No sensibilities
Loud comedy

Raghava Lawrence has successfully created super fan following to “Kanchana” or “Muni” franchise. This is the fourth film in this series. If you watch any one of the movie in this franchise, you can easily guess what happens in the other movies. Such a template he has created for this horror-comedy series.

The template goes like this: to take vengeance a ghost comes into the body of the hero and this situation leads to some comedy sequences, and a flashback gets opened to reveal the story of ghost. “Kanchana 2” has followed the same template. The only difference is this time two ghosts appear instead of one.

The film opens in predictable way and provides some laughs here and there and some glamour show by heroines.

Despite formulaic narration and clichéd sequences, the first half is not that bad. It is the later portions that tests the patience. Lawrence in his usual style of loud acting and garish direction makes it too hard to digest.

His movies are aimed for mass audiences. You don’t find any sensible moments. It is too bland.

Those who don’t mind cheap thrills, want to watch glamour show from three heroines may find this an okay horror comedy. But for others, it doesn’t entertain. The comedy is not at all on par with ‘Kanchana’, the earlier movie in this series.

Bottom-line: Sequel Horror