Bol Baby Bol Rising Star Show – New Season – Manu, Sunitha, Koti, Renina – 8th Feb

Show/Serial:Bol Baby Bol Rising Star Show
Starring: Manu, Sunitha, Koti, Renina
Channel:Gemini TV

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Bol Baby Bol Rising Star Show

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Senior Producer Blasts Two TV Channels

August 24, 2019

Producer KS Ramarao is the man behind several classic movies in Tollywood. Started his production banner Creative Commercials, Ramarao had produced films that are both creative as well as commercially successful. Chanti, Mathru Devo Bhava and Chiranjeevi’s Abhilasha, Challenge and Rakshasudu, Marana Mrudagam were all bankrolled by KS Ramarao himself. He also produced films like Vasu, Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju.

Despite having such rich history of filmography and vast experience, KS Ramarao is of the opinion that a section of media is unfair and rude to him.

Admittedly, Ramarao is quite unhappy with two prominent TV channels for their treatment to his latest film Kousalya Krishnamurthy. The film’s pre-release function was grandly held at a popular convention center and the chief guests were Vijay Deverakonda and Raashi Khanna.

“Is our movie not a movie? I’m not a producer? When every other movie’s event was covered live, why was my film’s event was not covered live? We are also giving you business (advertisements)” lamented KS Ramarao at the film’s post-release event.

KS Ramarao said he has high respect on media and urged the media not to be biased and treat every movie equally. He said it is “small movie” that needs more support from media. He asked the media managements to keep their business prospects aside and support movies as it is.

Usually, no producer dares to talk against these two channels given their hold. Since producers wants to do more movies and wants the support of these two channels, no one would dare to criticize them. But KS Ramarao is very straightforward in his nature and proved it again with his latest comments.