Betala Vikramarka – E34-25th Jan

Show/Serial:Bhethala Vikramarka
Channel:zee Serial

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Serial Plot:
Bhethala Vikramarka is a dubbed Telugu drama television show starring Makarand Deshpande and Aham Sharma. Your favourite king Vikramaditya and ghost Betaal are back with their spellbinding and interesting stories. Join them on their exciting and mysterious journey and discover the interesting facts about life.

Bhethala Vikramarka

Latest Episode :

E34-Part1 : Part2-25th Jan

Previous Episodes:

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Maharshi Unlikely On Apr 25 Because of Mahesh!

February 23, 2019

Mahesh Babu is regarded as director’s hero. He never interferes in the work of director once he okays the script.He also makes sure to be very flexible with his call sheets and give hundred percent on the sets. He is not known for being late of cancelling the shoot at the last minute like a few other big stars.

But according to the latest buzz from industry circles, Mahesh has changed a lot lately as he is coming to the sets very late.Of late, Mahesh has got busy with other business plans and ideas besides his brand endorsements.

After venturing into exhibition business with AMB Cinemas, Mahesh is in plans to produce web series for popular streaming With so much on hand, Mahesh couldn’t be as punctual as he used to be on the sets. Hence, Maharshi shoot has been getting delayed further.

The film is unlikely to make it on April 25 as announced. It may get postponed to May according to the latest buzz.The delays are adding to the already overspent budget of Maharshi.