Bharat Ratna Pranab Insulted In Vizag

Veteran Congress leader, former President and Bharat Ratna Pranab Mukherjee was insulted in Vizag and it’s Visakha port officers to be blamed. Pranab was in the beach city to take part in a private event. As per protocol, the government officers welcomed him at the airport but his accommodation arrangements were made by Visakha Port Trust Officers.

Pranab resided at the Port Guest House. On Sunday, the water supply to the guest house was stopped due to yet to be known reasons. Getting to know about water problem, the port officers reached guest house and asked for water from the fire engine of Pranab’s convoy. The fire engine operator said this water can’t be used for taking bath and other needs. The motor and generators were not in good condition to supply water and with no other option, the water was supplied with buckets.

Post this incident, Port Deputy Chairman PL Harinath lashed out at officials for mistreating former President Pranab. He ordered for a probe and added that he would take serious action on officers for being irresponsible.

This episode is a clear case of negligence. When VVIPs take accommodation, the guest house should undergo couple of trail runs and make sure all the adequate arrangements are being made. Sadly nothing of that sort had happened.

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