Arundhati Escaped, Agnyaathavasi Cannot

Gone are the days where we can simply lift the scenes from other language movies and use them accordingly. Few directors like Rajamouli generally take the content and recreates it in their own way. But some like Trivikram are making a frame by frame copy of certain scenes. That is troubling now.

In the olden times, easily Tollywood has lifted scenes from foreign movies and replicated them. For example, in blockbuster Arundhati movie, we have this drum dance sequence where the leading lady hits drums with her saree pallu and makes sounds. The whole sequence is a direct lift from the Chinese film “The House Of Flying Daggers”. Back then, definitely neither producer Shyam Prasad Reddy nor director Kodi Ramakrishna would have taken any permission from the Chinese counterparts.

Cut to present, we have the whole story of Agnyaathavaasi blatantly lifted from Largo Winch movie. Not stopping there, Trivikram copied the whole of climax sequence, frame to frame, reproducing the same terrace scene with similar guns and swords fights, by recreating the same location. And French director Jerome Sally already clarified that there is no permission sought from the Telugu makers for copying that way.

Probably director would have thought about Arundhathi or his own other copied scenes and proceeded to Agnyaathavasi. But like the way Arundhati escaped by lifting such a major scene, now no latest films could escape. Because copyright laws got stronger and the whole world is watching every other neighbour.

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