Andhra Aavada Star Absconding!

Actor Sivaji created a stir in political circles with his theory of Operation Garuda last year. His laughable statements earned him a nickname – “Perugu Vada” star.

Some also labelled him ‘Andhra Aavada’ star as ‘Aavada’ means Dahi Vada/Perugu Vada.

Telangana police are searching for him in the forgery case related to TV9. According to YSRC party leader Vijay Sai Reddy, Sivaji is in absconding.

He tweeted, “Why is that Sivaji who gave lectures about Whistle Blowers act and Indian Penal Code is hiding for the past four days? Has he realized his own fate? He thought that Ravi Prakash would save him but the guy himself is in mess. Learned that Sivaji has switched off his mobile.”

As per Sivaji’s silly theory BJP government at center is conspiring against whole South India.

Though he was acting on behalf of Telugu Desam party president Nara Chandrababu Naidu and for his “caste” interests, he used to give color that he was doing it for his ‘Janmabhumi’ (Andhra Pradesh) and boasted himself as a guy who is non-partisan.

He first got full coverage for his utterly laughable political statements and outbursts in TV9.

Rumor has it that it was Ravi Prakash who gave all this stuff of information to make him a political star.

Soon after other pro-TDP channels have started giving him full coverage as they saw that he can be used for anti-Modi and anti-BJP outbursts.

Sivaji later filed a case in National Company Law Tribunal against Ravi Prakash claiming that he bought some shares of TV9 from him but the shares were not yet allotted to him.

Alanda Media, the new management of TV9, filed cases against Sivaji and Ravi Prakash.

While Ravi Prakash has been sacked as CEO from the group, the case against Sivaji will be tighented.

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