How Amy Jackson Missed #RRR?

The moment we think of a British girl in an Indian film, the immediate name that comes to our mind is none other than Amy Jackson. Guess what actually this lady debuted in South films after she played the role of a British girl in Colonial India when the English are ruling Chennai. Does that ring any bells?

Actually, the story of Amy’s debut film Madrasipattanam is set in 1940s backdrop in Chennai like how Rajamouli’s upcoming magnum opus #RRR is set in 1920s backdrop in Delhi. And then, his heroine of Shankar’s I and Robo 2 hasn’t found a chance to play that lead role in #RRR is a real surprise.

Reports are coming that though Rajamouli and his team have initially approached Amy Jackson for the role, she’s said to have turned it down. Because at that time she’s in the process of getting engaged to her millionaire boyfriend George Panayitu and also got pregnant.

Otherwise, Amy Jackson would have worked with Charan for the second time after Yevadu and would have romanced NTR for the first time.

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