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#SaahoPreReleaseEvent: Prabhas Stopped Anushka!

August 20, 2019

A report is doing rounds in film circles as to why Prabhas’ good friend Anushka Shetty hasn’t attended the pre-release event of “Saaho”. While it is not something like she should attend the event anyhow, many thought that she will turn up at the event for sure.

Apparently, Anushka wanted to attend the event for the sake of Prabhas, but the star hero is said to have asked the actress to not turn up. With already rumours doing rounds everywhere that the duo is to get married, her presence would add more fuel to the unwanted speculations.

Also, it will look like Prabhas is banking on Baahubali team to promote Saaho as well. For all reasons good and wise, the actor is said to have made Anushka drop the idea of coming.

Had Rana Daggubati been here in India, definitely Anushka and other teammates of Baahubali would have made it to the event, but there is none to co-ordinate and hence they have all missed out, says another source. Well, somehow the rumours about Prabhas and Anushka refuse to die down.