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Time For Sukumar To Do A Rajamouli

February 23, 2019

The biggest problem in front of creative director Sukumar at the moment is, convincing star heroes with his scripts. Even after writing the fourth draft with full-fledged details, it looks like Mahesh Babu is not convinced with his writing. And that’s when Sukku needs to break the ice.

After delivering a superior blockbuster with a big hero, generally, everyone expects the directors to come up with something better than that movie. Now, Mahesh might be expecting Sukumar to come up with something that outshines Rangasthalam. Even if the directors come up with such script, it will be tough to judge as that Ram Charan starrer always plays in the back of mind for all heroes.

That’s the reason why Rajamouli never worked with big stars earlier after he delivered a big hit. After Simhadri, Rajamouli has chosen a hero like Nitin and made Sye. Then after Magadheera, despite the fact that all big stars are ready to give him immediate dates, he made Maryada Ramanna with Sunil. That way he toned down expectations by choosing a small hero. Only after Baahubali, he took a year time and came up with #RRR, unlike earlier.

Maybe Sukumar also should walk in this line and work with a secondary grade hero to carve a small film, such that the Rangasthalam aura will be toned down. Else, it’s not just Mahesh, but even other big star will also struggle to agree with this director’s scripts.