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#BiggBoss3: The GK Of Our Celebs Bringing Laughs

August 18, 2019

You don’t need all the intelligence, knowledge and academic brilliance to become anything in this world, but basics should be good. And long back when heroine Alia Bhatt can’t ever answer who is President of India and many other such simple general knowledge questions, the whole of India laughed. Here is another such moment, this time inside the Bigg Boss house.

When quizzed about ‘what is the most bright planet in the solar system?’, anchor Sreemukhi has an immediate answer, as she says ‘The Sun’. And then the other gang of girls join her in nodding the head. Well, let’s say they don’t answer about it, but naming ‘sun’ is the dumbest answer as the sun is a star but not a planet. The real answer is Venus.

And then, a 7th standard question like ‘What is VIBGYOR?’ can’t be answered by Rohini, while everyone grows up learning that spectrum of light and how a bright light ray emits these colours when passed through a prism. Surely the GK of our celebs inside Bigg Boss 3 house is bringing laughs and also explains how our education system is failing.