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Watch ABCD Movie Pre Release Event LIVE | Allu Sirish | Rukshar Dhillon

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Ram’s Absence From iSmart Promotions Raises Eyebrows

July 16, 2019

Ram is not seen anywhere in media as iSmart Shankar gets ready for release on Thursday. The actor is said to have left for a holiday without promoting his film.

Every actor takes a brief break after each film, but they make sure to promote the movie well at least until the first weekend. But Ram is missing at the key moment of a movie’s promotional campaign.

The film got delayed a bit, which might have clashed with Ram’s Holiday plans, but he could have made time for promoting the film as it is an important movie for him.

He is going through a bad phase now and Ram is in dire need of a hit like his director Puri Jagannadh.

Luckily, the film has created enough buzz to make the film buffs book the tickets in advance even before the verdict is out.

However, iSmart Shankar must open to good word of mouth why because any negative feedback will affect the film’s prospects given Puri’s horrendous recent track record.

Ram’s absence is already raising eyebrows, but Puri and Charmi are flaunting big smiles as if they are pretty confident about the movie’s result.